Baby Sex Selection
Gander Selection

There’s 2 primordial ways of selecting gender for couples that wish to choose it. The first method consists on choosing the sex through the male gametes or sperm cells, at IREGA we put at your service these 2 techniques:

El primer método consiste en seleccionar el sexo en los gametos masculinos o espermatozoides, en IREGA ponemos a su disposición dos técnicas:

Gender selection through albumin gradients (Ericsson’s technique).

This is based on the fact that sperm cells Y (boy) swim faster than sperm cells X (girl). Once the semen sample is collected , it is set in the lab with a column of albumin gradients (protein). The sperm cells are separated into Y and X to enhance the probabilities of obtaining the desired gender.


This is a preconception method, proved to enhance the probabilities of obtaining a desired gender. Micro Sort separates sperm cells in 2 groups: Chromosome X (girl) and Chromosome Y (boy). Micro Sort’s technology is based on the fact that Chromosome X is substantially bigger than Chromosome Y. The semen sample is then processed and dyed with fluorescent colors that are temporarily attached to a sperm cells DNA. The dyed sperm cells are then analyzed through a flux cytometer where they travel through a stream which ends in a laser that makes sperm cells fluorescent. This way, through a software which analyzes sperm cells, the shiny sperms are identified and separated (X being the most shiny one)

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

This process involves IVF on several eggs. After the eggs are fertilized and embryos are formed, a single cell is removed from each so PGD tests can be done properly. After the gender has been established, the desired embryos are implanted on the mother.

The success rate for the gender selection is very high, with a 99.9& chance of success. However PGD is for patients that have a high risk of transmitting genetic disorders.


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