n carrying out their first visit and especially before beginning any kind of treatment is recommended and an important potential requirement for the couple or person who has made the decision to try a psychological consultation to reflect on their history, current situation and difficulties that can occur during the process. With this first stage it is to help couples identify potential risks or difficulties that may have appeared, for example, how have solved the vital events of his life as the inability to have children? or that may occur after diagnosis.

Also during this first consultation you can review what has been the decision making in the couple regarding the use or nonuse of assisted reproduction techniques, in order to anticipate the emergence of future problems in the couple. In short, what the aim of this first intervention is to provide emotional tools to people affected to facilitate their "emotional balance" during the duration of the treatment.


    Once known the diagnosis and the options available to the problem it is recommended to help take such a diagnosis of infertility and emotions involved. Give the couple or person the necessary information about the emotional effects that can manifest as the assisted reproduction technique selected, take everything that the patient or patients request during treatment, which could be a major support or some continuity through it depending on the emotions as they arise, to clarify various questions that will be raising and strategizing before awaiting treatment outcomes.

In this last stage the important thing is to deepen and continue the process of psychological support after knowing the result of the treatment done this in order to provide counseling before a negative result communicating it in an appropriate way and evaluating whether a grief counseling is needed a few days after receiving the news with the objective to be achieved face a new treatment or finish and take another viable option to the situation. If the result is positive and the pregnancy is achieved psychological support will be very useful for controlling certain fears or fantasies possible start to be generated around the long-awaited pregnancy.


Emotional support during assisted reproduction treatment can control the emotions that naturally arise in the process through technical and professional strategies led by a specialist. For this reason it is necessary to highlight the advantages obtained after receiving such support:

  • Patients would not feel so isolated and so their self-esteem would be enhanced thereby increasing the bond between the couple.
  • It may improve communication with medical staff, favoring clarify any doubt.
  • There will be more solid in the couple to cope with the difficulties that have arisen
  • You may resume the sense of control in the situation facilitating decision making in it.
  • They assess and address the emotional implications that can produce each of the treatments, stages and results.
  • Acquisition of cognitive and behavioral to reduce stress and anxiety associated strategies and coping mechanisms for such situations.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process and better management of uncertainty associated with it.
  • They seek to neutralize the negative thoughts as is the insecurity and anticipation of failure.
  • It will increase the effectiveness of treatment and welfare of patients.

Each person is different and faces the vicissitudes of life differently, not about being right or wrong, but it is necessary to direct the emotions to positive ends through the psychological help that reach the goal without leaving a stormy footprint behind.


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