The causes of infertility in women are divided into different factors that may be affected, the most common of them are:

  • Ovarian Factor:
  • Anovulation is the condition in which the development and follicular rupture are altered and therefore the oocyte is not released from the follicle; It is caused by hormonal dysfunction and have identified several causes such as polycystic ovaries, age, obesity, stress, exercise, and genetic factors, autoimmune and cancer treatments.

  • Tuboperitoneal Factor:
  • In this situation this affected the permeability or function of the fallopian tubes, it may be due to infectious problems, history of surgeries or endometriosis

  • Uterine Factor:
  • The presence of uterine abnormalities either congenital or acquired problems associated with infertility or recurrent gestational losses. They can be Mullerian malformations, fibroids, polyps, or intrauterine adhesions.


The causes of male infertility can be divided according to their origin

  • Pre testicular
  • When there is a problem that interferes with hormonal sperm production.

  • Testicular
  • When the problem is directly in the testicle, failing sperm formation even when the hormonal stimulation is appropriate. It may be due to genetic disorders or external agents such as cancer treatments

  • Testicular Post:
  • It is mainly due to blockage of the tubes that carry sperm from the testicle to your ejaculation. I could be caused by infectious or inflammatory processes, history of vasectomy, or congenital absence.

  • Problems with ejaculation or erection:
  • In both cases there is a difficulty that semen is deposited in the vagina. They may be different causes as traumatic, iatrogenic, psychological, pharmacological or metabolic origin.

Human infertility


The infertility evaluation is performed on both partners to identify any factors that may be involved. Your doctor will advise you on the tests necessary for diagnosis

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